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SaaS: The RDP Advantage for ISV’s and Users

How RDP SaaS deployment reduces costs, time to market and barriers to entry while improving security, performance and the UX. Read more

Report: cloud benefits exceed expectations

A CA Technologies press release highlights the results of an in depth survey of businesses who have been in the cloud for at least one year. The majority of participants said the cloud exceeded their expectations citing better results, faster deployment and lower costs.

The Cloud Desktop: Cut costs while improving performance
Gabe Ferland, President, NetFidelis and Data Center Direct

How can the Cloud Desktop lower support costs, improve performance, and increase productivity for small and medium sized businesses? I have been an IT support person for the past 15 years. It has been my passion to engineer solutions that lower my customer’s costs and make my job easier. I am always asking myself: How…

Personal Cloud to replace Personal Computer by 2014, says Gartner

In a March 12th press release, Gartner released the results of a report that concluded the Personal Computer is rapidly being replaced by the Personal Cloud and that by 2014 the PC will be surpassed. The report cites mobility, flexibility and inter-OS operability as the main drivers. Read more . . .